Salient Features of Jum Khola Jalvidhyut Aayojana

1.Project Name Jum Khola Jalvidhyut Aayojana (56 MW)
2. Project Location  
Province Bagmati
District Dolakha
Intake Site Bigu Rural Municipality-1
Powerhouse Site Bigu Rural Municipality-1
Geographical Co-ordinates  
Latitude 27°56'40" N to 27°58'23" N
Longitude 86°12'47" E to 86°15'00" E
3. General  
Name of River Jum Khola
Nearest village Lamabagar
Type of Scheme Run-off-River (RoR)
Gross Head 254 m
Net rated Head 249.62 m
Installed Capacity 56 MW
Average Annual Energy after Outage 324,754,069 KWh
Dry Seasonal Energy 97.41 GWh (30 % of total energy)
Wet Seasonal Energy 227.34 GWh (70 % of total energy)
4. Hydrology  
Catchment Area 992 Km2
Mean Annual Discharge 50.25 m3/s
Design Discharge (at 41.11% PoE) 25.45 m3/s
Riparian Release 10% of monthly flow
Design Flood Discharge 814.95 m3/s (100 years return period)
5. Diversion Weir  
Type of Weir Concrete, free flow weir
Length of Weir 36 m
Crest Elevation 2300 m amsl
Height 10 m (from riverbed level)
6. Approach Culvert/ Tunnel  
Type Culvert/ Inverted D shaped tunnel
No. of culvert/ tunnel 3
Total length 230 m
7. Settling Basin  
Type Underground (3 bays)
Dimension (L x B x H) 68 m x 12 m x 7.5 m
8. Headrace Tunnel  
Type Inverted D shaped headrace tunnel
Internal Dimension/ Size 4.4 m x 4.4 m
Length 1519 m
9. Surge Shaft  
Type Steel with concrete casing
Diameter 387 m (Vertical-222 m, Horizontal including bifurcations-165 m)
Height 4.25 m (Vertical shaft)
10. Penstock Shaft  
Material Steel with concrete casing
Length 387 m (Vertical-222 m, Horizontal including bifurcations-165 m)
Diameter 4.25 m (Vertical shaft)
Size (W x H) 4.5 m x 5 m (Horizontal shaft)
11. Powerhouse  
Type Underground
Size (L x W) 75 m x 15 m
Height 35 m
12. Tailrace  
Type Inverted D shaped tunnel
Tailrace Length 703.64 m
Size (W x D) 4.5 m x 5 m
13. Turbine  
Type Vertical axis Francis turbine
Number 4
14. Access Road/Tunnel/Ropeway  
Surface Road 4.36 km
Tunnel 0.498 km
Ropeway 0.275 km
15. Transmission Line  
Voltage Level 132 kV (Double Circuit)
Length 37 km
Conductor Type ACSR BEAR
From Powerhouse
To Garjyang Substation
16. Construction Period 4 Years