Project Introduction

Jum Khola Jalvidyut Aayojana (56 MW) is a Run-of-River (RoR) type project with its headworks located along the left bank of Jum Khola at about one kilometer upstream from Jum-Lapche River confluence. The entire project's waterway lies along the left bank of Jum Khola and Tamakoshi Nadi. The underground powerhouse is located at the left bank of Tamakoshi Nadi at about 3.5 km upstream from Upper Tamakoshi Hydroelectric Project's dam.

The general arrangement of the project comprises: headworks, water-conveyance arrangements and powerhouse along the left bank of Jum and Tamakoshi Nadi. The major headworks structures are: a diversion weir, undersluice, intake, gravel trap and underground settling basin. A gravel excluding and sediment excluding arrangements are provisioned to flush out the bed-load and suspended sediment that would enter through the intake orifices during the high flow seasons. A 1519 m long headrace tunnel followed by 387 m long penstock shaft will convey the design discharge to the generating units inside the powerhouse. The flow will be discharged back into the Tamakoshi Nadi through 703.64 m long tailrace tunnel.

The design discharge of 25.45 m3/s which is 41.11% exceedance of flow has been considered for the project. Thus, with a gross head of 254 m and minimum net head of 250 m (at design discharge) at 88.35% net efficiency (turbine plus generator), the installed capacity will be 56 MW. The net annual energy generation is expected to be 324.75 GWh where the dry season energy contributes 97.41 GWh and wet season energy contributes 227.34 GWh.

A 37 km long, 132 kV Transmission Line to Garjyang substation has been proposed for power evacuation purpose.

The project site can be reached from Kathmandu via Araniko Highway up to Khadichaur (79 km, black topped) followed by Lamosanghu/ Khadichaur– Manthali road up to Charikot (54 km, black topped) and Charikot-Singati-Lamabagar road up to Lamabagar (85 km, graveled road). The powerhouse area can be accessed via foot trail which is about 3 km from Lamabagar whereas, the headworks area can be reached via 6 km long foot trail from the powerhouse area.